601. SKSS Rum
Development of a new brand
The 601st General Moravec Special Forces Group (601. SKSS for short) is an elite military unit, the only one of its kind in the Czech Army. The tasks of the 601. SKSS include direct action, strategic reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, counter-terrorism, reconnaissance and battlefield rescue. The official motto of the  601. SKSS is the Latin Dum spiro spero (As long as I breathe, I hope). 
In 2021, we partnered with the Green Tree Distillery to create rum, which is part of the 601st Special Forces Group's military rations. It was a 0.25 L bottle. Here I present just one of the concepts, which included also a 0.7 L bottle for representational purposes.
Client: Palírna U Zeleného Stromu
Year: 2021